$90.00 USD

Force Free Training - Step Up and Go in Cage

Train your bird to go step up and go in the cage force free

What you'll get:

  • Training on voluntary step up
  • Get your bird out of difficult to reach places like top of cabinets
  • Get your bird to go in the cage force free
  • No more grabbing by towels or chasing after your bird

What People Are Saying:

I guess I didn't really know what I was doing wrong. Percy is stepping up now which she didn't do before. I see we are going to have a more positive experience from now on!

Gudrun S

My parrot Leo is going to get a lot more love than we ever imagined because now he has gained my trust and I am gaining his. Now I know exactly what I need to do because of the training.

Joanne Gervais

We are so happy with the results. The lessons are so well explained, we were able to see results in days.

Liz Anderson

This course is so concise and goes from the basics to the more advanced stuff, it flows so well. Cassie puts in so much information, you can tell, she has been with the birds for a long time!

Karen Chrisman

To be honest, they aren't the first course I tried. But the previous one was a long winded and disorganized course with to much information. This one is so nicely laid out and well explained, I am glad I got it.

Greg Livingston