Top Avian Trainer Reveals How to Stop Your Bird's Biting in 3 Simple Steps

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What You Will Learn in This Training

  • Day 1 – The FOUR MYTHS you never thought are causing your bird to bite. Change them and start seeing immediate results. It is one of the easiest things. Yet most bird parents don't do this.
  • Day 2 – Understand your bird's behavior and establish trust. This is the basic step without which, everything else will fail. If you do it right, everything else will work like clockwork.
  • Day 3 – Understand your bird’s body language to stop biting before it happens. This is your secret superpower. It will help you in practically any situation with your bird.

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Having a Bird Home Does Not Mean You Have To Live with Bites

Scientific research shows that parrots DO NOT bite each other in the wild. It is just not a good survival strategy when you live in a flock.

But then, all parrot owners know that their birds can pack a painful bite. Right from the tiniest budgies to cockatiels, cockatoos and the biggest macaws.

And as parrot parents, we know that when our bird bites, it hurts. Not only physically but emotionally too…

The good news is that you can get your parrot to stop biting in a matter of days and weeks.

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This training is designed and delivered by ace parrot trainer Cassie Malina (CPBC, CPBT-KA) with over 25 years of experience training birds. It is the fastest way for you to stop your bird from biting.

Meet your instructor - Cassie Malina

Cassie Malina (CPBC, CPBT-KA) is a parrot training expert with over 25 years of invaluable experience specializing in avian behavior.

For over two decades, Cassie led free-flight bird shows, mesmerizing audiences at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and various other venues across the US.

She has delivered countless workshops, seminars, lectures, and presentations on parrot training across the world.

As a Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Cassie continuously stays updated on the latest advancements in parrot training.

She has served on the Executive Board of the International Association of Avian Trainers & Educators for two decades and earned the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

While Cassie’s expertise is nothing short of extraordinary, her primary focus is on empowering you, the parrot owner.

She is dedicated to ensuring that you gain the knowledge and skills needed to create a stronger, healthier bond with your feathered friend.

Cassie has condensed her knowledge and experience into this power-packed course that is now available at your fingertips.

Your Bird Deserves the Best!

Don’t Let Another Minute Pass Suffering Your Bird’s Aggression

Start experiencing your bird's love today. Till now, more than 2000 people have benefitted from this free training. You can be next.

Our System is Changing Lives

Joanne G.

I've had Leo, for 6 months and I could barely handle his biting. I was very skeptical but to my surprise, he is stepping up a lot easier now and he is even allowing me to pet him

Gudrun S.

I didn't really know what I was doing wrong. I have had Percy for 12 years. She is stepping up now, which she didn't do before. I got a lot of pointers in the training that I can use with her

Karen C.

This training is so concise and goes from the basics to the more advanced stuff, it flows so well. Cassie puts in so much information, you can tell, she has been with the birds for a long time! She breaks it down into bite-sized pieces that I can get. Every time I watch it I learn something new.

Liz A.

We have a GCC and our kids love him. They were always heartbroken when he nipped at them. I did not have the time or patience to watch a bazillion youtube videos to find a solution to my problem. We are so happy with the results. The lessons are so well explained, we were able to see results in days.