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As parrot parents, you want to do everything for your birds, don't you?

But in these inflationary times, providing your bird with the best care can mean lots of $$$. Especially if you have a whole flock of them at home.

Cage, food, toys, perches, accessories like a play gym, a scale, a travel carrier etc. And that is not even going into vet care!

We are talking about spending more than a few thousand dollars a year. The bills add up very quickly.

On the other hand, in the wild, parrots take care of their physical and mental well being for free, isn't it?

Taking a cue from mother nature, we have developed exclusive training for you. Now you can provide excellent welfare for your bird at a minimal cost!

Yes, you read that right. You can provide high welfare for your bird without breaking the bank.

Even if you are on a shoestring budget!

This training is designed and delivered by Cassie Malina (CPBC, CPBT-KA), a world famous parrot trainer.

Cassie got the insight of this training when she was managing large flocks of birds for Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Imagine the tightrope she had to walk.

She had to ensure that the birds, who are a center of attraction for the facility, are taken great care of.

At the same time, you can not give a $20 toy to every bird that they will go through in 2 days. Otherwise the facility will go bankrupt!

She had to stay within the tight budgets of a well-run commercial establishment.

This led her to design some innovative strategies that helped keep the birds physically and mentally fit as any show bird should be.

Now, you can have access to these very same strategies and techniques in this unique training. You can start saving $$$ from today

You will not find this information anywhere else.

This training is designed to save you thousands of dollars over the life of your bird while still being on a budget.

And if you have a flock of birds, just imagine what you can save over their lifetimes!

Probably enough to put a down payment on a house!

The bills add up real quick if you are not watching...

And since we want this training to be accessible to everyone, we are giving a whopping 70% discount to quick action takers.

Before the timer on this page runs to zero, you can get this exclusive training for just $90 $27 (70% discount)

That is less than the bill for a fast food lunch at a place like McDonalds!

This training is designed to pay for itself within days. In fact, implementing just one strategy that you learn here will more than pay for what you will spend today.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that embarking on the journey of training your bird is a big step, and we want you to feel completely at ease and confident in your decision.

That's why we offer our Heartfelt 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. It's not just a policy; it's our promise to you, rooted in our belief in the joy and love that our birds our capable of giving us when trained right.

Why We Offer This Guarantee:
  1. Your Peace of Mind: We know that trying something new can feel like a leap of faith. Our guarantee is here to assure you that there's no risk in giving it a go. If it's not the right fit for you, we understand, and we've got you covered.
  2. You and Your Bird Matter to Us: Your happiness and progress with your bird are what drive us. If you feel that you're not making the strides you hoped for, we don't want you to feel stuck. Our policy is a safety net, ensuring that your journey with us is always a joyous and fulfilling one.
  3. Trust and Transparency: We believe in building a relationship of trust with you. This guarantee is our way of showing that we're not just here for a quick sale, but for you and your bird's long-term growth and happiness.
How It Works:

It is really simple. You sign up and try us out. If within 7 days of your purchase, you decide that this isn't the right fit for you and your bird, simply reach out to us. Reply to any of our emails and we will refund you 100%. No questions, no fuss. It is as simple as that.

Training your bird is about love, joy, exploration, and discovering a relationship with your bird you never thought was possible. Our 7-Day Heartfelt Guarantee is here so you can embrace this journey with the freedom and confidence, risk-free and with peace of mind.

In the best case, you will learn some innovative and cool cost saving techniques and save thousands of dollars.

In the worst case, if you do not like the course, you can get a refund and you will be out nothing. You will still probably learn a thing or two🙂

You really have nothing to lose here.

Once again, this is a one-time, special offer, only available till the timer on this page hits zero.

70% Discount - $90 $27

Get instant access to the training "Bird Care on a Budget" for $90 just $27.


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Start saving on your bird care bills today. Grab this limited time offer before time runs out.

70% Discount - $90 $27

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70% Discount - $90 $27